by condensation or melting in the nebula

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Chondrules and inclusions in Allende are held together by the chondrite matrix, a mixture of fine-grained, mostly silicate minerals that also includes grains of iron metal and iron sulfide. At one time it was thought that these matrix grains might be pristine nebular dust, the sort of stuff from which chondrules and inclusions were made. However, detailed studies of the chondrite matrix suggest that much of it, too, has been formed by condensation or melting in the nebula, although minute amounts of surviving interstellar dust are mixed with the processed materials.

(This comes from a TOEFL reading comprehension about The Allende Meteorite on a Chinese website.)

Does the text say what is condensed or melted in the nebula? Is it some substances that exsist in the nebula, that is, these substances are condensed and melted, then form the chondrite matrix?

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    Does the text say what is condensed or melted in the nebula?
    No, it only says what the end products are. There may be an implication that it is "nebular dust", but this term was used in a different context, and I don't think it is clear enough to say for certain that this is what was condensed or melted.
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