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I came across the following sentence: Please send your application to the email below by Monday, 1st of July, and wonder whether it implies the deadline is by the end of Sunday, 30th of June or it includes the 1st of July.

In other words, when we say by (a day), is that day included or not?

I read some threads on this topic, but the meaning is still unclear to me.

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    Please see this thread:
    'by [date]' with reference to deadlines
    It includes links to other threads.

    The one thing that the threads make clear is that there is no universal agreement what 'by [date]' means. If you are trying to meet a deadline, I suggest you ask for clarification.
    If you are writing something to tell other people when something is due, I suggest you find a different wording.

    You can find more threads by using the dictionary search box at the top of the page to search for "by date". (Links to threads with those words in the title will be listed below the definitions.)

    You are welcome to add comments or questions to any existing thread.

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