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    This is for a presentation by an accounting firm who is presenting its services to new francophone clients. Their clients are from the artistic community, therefore they seem to want to appeal to their creative sides. However, I really don't think the translation works, at least the first part. Can anyone help?

    Original sentence:
    Forward thinking by philosophy and design, we are dedicated to growth by ensuring :

    Avant-gardiste par philosophie et par conception, nous sommes entièrement dévoués à la croissance en veillant à ce que :

    Thank you!
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  2. pointvirgule

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    Bienvenue au forum, lxm88mk. :)

    Ici, by design signifie qqc comme à dessein.
    Hm, que faire de ce truc ? On peut peut-être adapter ainsi : tant par conviction que par vocation ?
  3. lxm88mk Member

    French Canadian
    Merci pour votre suggestion pointvirgule! Je trouve votre traduction beaucoup plus élégante! :)

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