By her side or on her side

"There were separate benches in sides of the room. She was following me so much that when I sat on third branch, she also sat on third branch on her side on that area which is closer to my branch and if I sat forth branch, she also sat on the forth in order to follow me." I hope anyone will understand me what I'm trying to say. How to say it? Is it correct?
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  • sdgraham

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    Are these the sort of branches you are talking about?

    In any event we need a lot of context to understand what you are describing.


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    We can't proofread in this forum. "Proofreading" is finding all mistakes in your text.

    I think you mean "benches", not "branches". People sit on benches.


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    I think Hermione means unintelligible.
    Looking at the title of the thread, I think you want "on her side".
    Open a separate thread for each word or phrase that you want to ask about.
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