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By drawing up the plan and collecting relevant information from the accounting and finance databases I have developed my ability to work efficiently with a large amount of data and become more familiar with several statistical packages.

Can anyone please tell if this sentence is correct? Many thanks...
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    By + V. ing is a prepositional phrase. A prepositional phrase that performs an adverbial function can appear at many positions ,including the beginning of sentences.
    I recommend that you put a comma between a prepositional phrase and the main sentence so it is easier to read.


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    The sentence is perfectly correct. In this particular case 'By' is synonymous to 'As a result of': By doing this, that happens = As a result of doing this, that happens (e.g. 'By eating too many burgers, he became obese'). By the way, there are numerous uses of 'By' at the start of sentence, but that's another story... P.S. I would use the comma too.
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