'by' instead of 'of'

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Which are correct:
1-The love by a mother for her child is immense.
2-Love by a mother for a her child is normal.
3-The hatred by a man for his enemies is normal.
4-Hatred by a man for his enemies is normal.

I wanted to see if one could use feelings with 'by', 'the love by' (instead of 'the love of': 'the hatred by a man for...' instead of 'the hatred of a man for....'), 'Love by a mother' instead of 'A mother's love' etc.)
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    None is correct. In the examples given, the words "love" and "hatred" are nouns, and not verbs. The relationship of the mother to the love and the man to the hatred is that expressed by the genitive: a mother's love (or the love of a mother), and a man's hatred (or the hatred of a man.) If you want to use "by" to show some kind of agency, you must change the noun into a verb: The child was loved by her mother. Enemies are hated by that man.
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