By learning proper etiquette and refined speech

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  1. amy_mundo Member

    Hi! i need The translation for this sentence:

    -If you are really looking for the perfect woman, let's no look for it in others but try to become one ourselves, okay?
    -How do i become one?
    -By learning proper etiquette and refined speech, for example.

    I thought something like: aprendiendo buenos modales y un vocabulario refinado... but i don't like the way it sounds, i think the sentence is more refined, and "buenos modales" is not a good option... i would like to have more options, does anyone have a better idea??

  2. mymy

    mymy Senior Member

    Alicante province
    Spanish from SPAIN

    Otra, por si te sirve:
    Aprendiendo buena etiqueta y una manera de hablar refinada.

  3. Mitza21 Senior Member

    United States
    Aprendiendo las reglas de etiqueta y un lenguaje refinado.

    Espero te sirva.
  4. la_machy

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    Hermosillo, Sonora, México.
    Español de Sonora
    En una versión nada literal y muy libre, yo diría.

    ''Aquiriendo un estilo propio y un lenguaje impecable''.

  5. amy_mundo Member

    Muchas gracias a todos.

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