by line of sight


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I guess I know what the whole sentence means. I think it means 'We mark as we proceed, tying the ribbons that are seen from each other without an obstruction in between (giving line of sight transmission). However, when it comes to myself using the phrase, I'm not too confident about the meaning of 'by' here; thus, I may not be able to use it. Could anyone please help me with this? Maybe if you would please give me some more examples with the phrase, it would be helpful.

(They are tying a little red fabric to trees along the way as they go)

LOCKE: We mark our progress by line of sight. We tie these off so we don't get lost.
BOONE: You can lead us back to camp, right?
LOCKE: If nothing happens to me.
BOONE: Maybe I better take marker detail.
(Lost, Season 1, All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues)

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    The "by" introduces the technique, i.e. how it's done.

    We make these baskets by hand.
    We find our way home by compass.
    We navigate by the stars.
    We know the words to the song by heart.


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    Thanks, Copyright, for the examples.

    If you, or anybody for that matter, could please give me some examples with 'by line of sight,' I would be happier. The meaning of 'by,' I can feel it, and am familiar with it, but I feel a little uncertain about 'by line of sight.'

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