By or for

  • mrbilal87

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    English (NAmE)
    Why can't it be for?

    By the way, Did I write it correctly? or should be Why it can't be for?

    Usually when something confuses you, we say "confused by", not confused for.

    I'm confused by how you arrived at your answer.
    I'm confused by this post.
    I'm confused by your request.

    And yes, you wrote it correctly the first time (why can't it be "for"?) ;)



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    British English
    It can't be 'I am confused FOR this post' because in English we say 'I am confused by' or 'I am confused about' something.

    I would only use 'confused FOR' in the expression:

    'I am confused for various reasons'.

    I can't think of another example where I would say 'confused for'.

    I hope this helps.