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“Actually that’s not the part that convinced me I was wrong,” Tony said. “It was the part where Chris said Rees tried to get away from the grenade after intentionally pulling it to avoid being caught. It’s possible control was taken by the front door, but if it was there’d be a record of it—patches installed when they shouldn’t have been, sandboxes launched to test the patches, a record of the acceptance of the validation of the patch and the hashes of the programmer and company who sent it along."

Lock In - John Scalzi

What does it mean? 'By someone else'?
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    "By the front door" means "using the usual/official means of access". Here it means a change applied to a computer system using the standard procedures (which are logged), as opposed to a "back door access", meaning an illicit/unauthorised change.


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    Through the front door - that is, through or using the mechanism you are supposed to use. In software, a back door or trap door is a secret part built into the code, so that someone who knows it is there (i.e. the malicious programmer) can use it to get into the software. The front door is, I suppose, the proper entrance: you sign in with a password on the logon screen, etc. But they are evidently talking about ways in which the software might have been changed (patched) to give this power to people who shouldn't have it.

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