by turns strange and kind beyond imagining


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Hi everyone, I can't make sure whether I understand correctly this sentece, please help me out..

Here is the sentence:

I will not see their like again in my lifetime:
intense, driven, brilliant, and by turns strange and kind beyond imagining.

in which, THEY means the two founders of a company, to whom who wrote this sentence have known for 30 years; there is business relationship between the three, but they have became friends, as well.

I wonder, by saying "by turns strange and kind beyond imagining",
does the writer want to express that

THEY are sometimes strange (as someone he never met before), sometimes kind (friendly and caring), which is beyond one's imagination (sort of unpredictable people)?

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    by turns (sometimes one way, sometimes the other) strange (odd) and kind (caring) beyond imagining (to an incredible degree) -- strangeness and kindness to a degree seldom found in ordinary people.
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