By way of derogation

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Qué tal, alguna idea de qué es "By way of derogation"?"By way of derogation from Article X, and without prejudice to the law relating to the protection of industrial and commercial property, the applicant shall not be required to provide..."Mi opción es:"No obstante lo dispuesto en el artículo X...."Gracias.
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    In Spanish I see "derogacíon". It is much used in "laws", and refers to the cancelling or anulling of part of or the total law.

    The case here is the introduction of an Article X which announces the derogation of some part of the law.

    In Spanish----I don't really know------"Ateniéndose a la derogacíon especificada en Art. X------"

    It sounds as if the applicant had to, but no longer has to provide something.


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