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Hello everybody!

Context from the comic book Action Comics #584. Someone is talking about Metropolis.

"Here, in these constantly thriving by-ways, a population equivalent to a medium-sized country shops, eats, loves and learns".

Is the author using the words "by-ways" as the definition below?

by-ways: only in Judg. 5:6 and Ps. 125:5; literally "winding or twisted roads." The margin has "crooked ways."

  • lablady

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    English - USA
    I usually see the word without the hyphen. The dictionary also recognizes it this way: byway

    I think of a byway as a side road, or any road that is not one of the main roads.


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    British English
    There is an old British expression "the highways and the byways".

    Byways generally refer to quiet country lanes with litte traffic. Roads that are "off the beaten track".
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