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Is there any problem with my use of "by" in the following sentences? I remember that once in the forums I was told that there was a problem with my use of "by", but unfortunately I don't remember exactly what the objection was.

"As regards further references to other possible works by S., he speaks of certain topics dealt with en tois Pyrrōneiois."

"Finally, in S’s surviving writings we find references to other works by him which are no longer extant."

"While the writings of other Pyrrhonists have been lost – except for fragments and summaries – we possess two complete works and an important part of a third by S.".

"However, first, if the Empeirika Hypomnēmata had been an agonistic work against the Empiricists, its title would have probably been Pros Empeirikous, as occurs with other books by S.".

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