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    Hi everybody,

    Which sounds the most equivalant to 'bye!' to your naitive ears?

    1. See you soon

    2. Take care

    3. Good luck

    My guess is #1.

    Thank you in advance
    Hi coolieinblue.

    ' 'Bye' is a contraction of 'goodbye'. We use many different phrases, depending on the circumstances, when we say 'Bye to a person. I often say 'take care' but if I knew I was going to see the person soon I would say 'see you soon'.
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    Bye/goodbye is a very neutral comment. It doesn't have any particular emotional content in itself and has no sense of any of 1-3, for me. That comes in associated comments and in unspoken communication.


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    As fr as I know 'goodbye' was a originally a contraction of 'god be with ye' so in that sense #3 would be closest.

    But that meaning has long since gone and 'bye' on its own no longer has any real significance other than to end communication.
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