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  1. RhoKappa Senior Member

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    There is a subtle yet simple difference between "bye" and "goodbye" in English. You say "bye" when you are leaving and you will see the person again. "Goodbye," however, is often understood as an indefinite parting, that it may be the last time you will see the person again. Examples are when a parent dies and you say goodbye, or when a woman leaves a man and she says goodbye. Does пока and до свидания have the same differences, or is there another way to say goodbye for a last time?
  2. gvozd Senior Member

    До свидания can mean what you described. But in Russian, we have another one word which is definitely used when you want to say goodbye for a last time.

  3. Enquiring Mind

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    ... which is the equivalent of the (standard) French "adieu".
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  4. RhoKappa Senior Member

    Standard American English
    Interesting. In English we can also say, "farewell" or "adieu," but the former seems a bit bookish, and the latter a bit awkward. Does прощай seem as bit bookish or awkward, or will simple до свидания suffice?
  5. gvozd Senior Member

    When a parent dies, you can't say "до свидания", it will sound erm... silly. "Прощай" is an only option. When a woman leaves a man, she can say "до свидания". It will mean they are not a couple anymore, but they can spend time together occasionally. If she says "прощай", it will rather mean 'it's the last time we see each other'. Nothing bookish or awkward at all.
  6. Maroseika Moderator

    For me прощай really sounds a bit bookish or high style. Ithink the nearest equivalent pair for 'bye" and "goodye" is пока/привет/счастли́во and до свидания.
  7. Sobakus Senior Member

    But the OP specifically asks for the sense in which до свидания can't be used. Although stylistically, прощай is indeed more elevated than goodbye.
  8. Maroseika Moderator

    That is why I said "the nearest". Of course, precise equivalent hardly exists.
  9. LiseR Member

    Помимо "до свидания", я, например, также говорю "счастливо!", т.к. оно звучит менее формально, что ли.
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