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    Hello everyone,

    I have a Greek friend who I'm writing an e-mail to, and at the end of the e-mail, I'd like to write "bye (/see you/ciao/salut)" in Greek.

    The WR dictionary lists: αντίο, γεια. Are both of these informal? Which would be best if talking to a friend? (or are both OK?)

    Thanks so much!!
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    Yes, γεια σου is the casual equivalent you are looking for. The other, αντίο, is a little more formal and tends to lay more emphasis on the parting.

    Edit: I must admit, however, I tend to open an email with γεια σου rather than close.
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    As shawnee mentioned I wouldn't close an e-mail neither with Γεια σου nor with αντίο. If the e-mail is for a good friend and I wanted something informal I would write:
    Τα λέμε. or
    Θα τα πούμε. or
    Αυτά από μένα.
    I could add Γεια to the second or the third or a time expression (αύριο, σύντομα) to the first or the second.

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