C'è sempre la parola giusta per dirlo

Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by Andreuccio10, Jun 14, 2010.

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    I have often used this forum for help but this is my first time actually asking a question...

    I read the following title in the heading of a newspaper article... "C'è sempre la parola giusta per dirlo" I didn't read the entire article but I think it was about relationships and preventing break ups etc etc.

    My question is, with regards to the direct object pronoun attached to 'dire', why is it there? is it necessary? could one say "C'è sempre la parola giusta per dire"?

    Grazie in anticipo,

  2. rrose17

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    Isn't it There's always the right way/word to say it"?
  3. Andreuccio10 New Member

    It could mean "there is always the right way to say it" but 'la parola' means 'the word' so it is confusing me, because 'there is always the right word to say it' doesnt make sense. The direct object pronoun is confusing me.

  4. Curandera Senior Member

    I'm not sure why you say it doesn't make any sense.

    'It' does not refer to 'word' but to the general issue he or she is trying to express.

    C'è sempre la parola giusta per dire ciò che si pensa.
    There's always the right word to say/express what you are thinking.
    C'è sempre la parola giusta per dirlo (what you intend to convey).

    Hope this helps.
  5. Giorgio Spizzi Senior Member

    think of the slogan "Say it with flowers" and try to imagine a chap saying "What's the "it" for"?

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