1. chepe jones Senior Member

    "Cédula paraguaya" -- Does this refer to a passport stamp from Paraguayan immigration? A visa number? A customs permit?


    El Said Hassan Aly MohamedMokhles, egipcio fundamentalista residente en la triple frontera y detenido en Uruguay con documento paraguayo en 1999 cuando intentaba ir a Montevideo.Aly Mohammed Mokhles cayó en el país charrúa con un documento falso malayo fabricado en Ciudad del Este. Tenía cédula paraguaya Nº 3.593.929, obtenida el 12 de julio de 1994, según los antecedentes.

    Also--Is his identification from Paraguay or from Malaysia?

    Thanks for the help
  2. Jeromed Banned

    USA, English
    He had an apparently valid Paraguayan document, and a false Malaysian one that had been forged in Cd. del Este, Paraguay.
  3. Modosita

    Modosita Banned

    In Latin American countries, the "cédula de identidad"" is what in Spain is called "carnét de identidad".

  4. Jeromed Banned

    USA, English
    A cédula in many Latin American countries is the official ID used for voting, opening bank accounts, cashing checks, getting a job, etc. and to identify yourself to any public authority. It plays a role similar to that of the driver's license (plus your Social Security number) in the USA.
  5. Fantasmagórico

    Fantasmagórico Senior Member

    Montevideo, Uruguay
    Uruguayan Spanish
  6. chepe jones Senior Member

    So he was carrying two different ID documents... that thought occurred to me, but I thought that the text would have emphasized that or clarified in some way.

    Thank you all very much. And thanks for the illustration, Fantasmagórico.

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