Cédula Profesional

Discussion in 'Legal Terminology' started by Ben Bal, Jan 13, 2006.

  1. Ben Bal New Member

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    Registros y Requisitos Académicos

    Sample sentence:
    Cómo me puedo referir en inglés a la Cédula Profesional?
  2. fsabroso

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    Perú / Castellano

    ¿Podrías explicar mas a que te refieres?.
    Así recibirás mejor ayuda.
  3. puiokjh Member

    English US
    creo que es como "degree" pero no estoy seguro
  4. Cédula Profesional is nothing but the State license. In cases like Mexico, it's not at the State level, but at the National level.
  5. puiokjh Member

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    Thanks IgnacioBeltran, I appreciate the help!
  6. My pleasure.

    Cédula Profesional is only granted after a University Degree is given.
  7. Kolthoff

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    ¿Y entonces cómo lo traducirías? ¿National License to practise the profession puede ser apropiado? Suena muy largo.
  8. dauda98 Senior Member

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    why not just forget about the state or national, and just say Professional Licence.
  9. Zoe McNeal New Member

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    I'm translating a Mexican College Degree (elementary education) as well and I like your suggestion "professional license" for Cedulas Professionales".


  10. How would you translate it?

    Give it a try, first.
  11. tosha

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    Mexico, Español
    I translate it as:
    Professional Identification Card

  12. the boss Banned

    nada mas "license": medical, attorney's, lo que sea license.

  13. bobo25

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    It wasn't out of scope, I was asking because I wanted to know if there was a difference between the 'cedula federal' and the 'cedula profesional'. Or whether it is just a linguistic difference because as far as I know 'cedula estatal' is at the state level whereas 'cedula federal' and 'profesional' are both at the national level.

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