célébrer la famille

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  1. Bonsoir,
    As a guess for translation into English, I think that the verb "célébrer" might have a specific meaning here. Could it mean "glorify"? At first, I thought that "officiate for" was a possibility but it seems that the text is referring to the fact that the musician was composing music which made mention of the Carrara family. Thanks for your thoughts!

    Context: En 1401, l’archiprêtre Zabarella accorde à Ciconia un bénéfice à San Biagio de Roncaglia. Grâce à ce bénéfice, Ciconia a pu intégrer le chapitre de la cathédrale de Padoue dès 1402. Ciconia a aussi célébré la famille Carrara, sans apparemment occuper de fonction officielle au sein de la cour. Le texte de la ballata Con lagrime est indiqué dans une source « ballata fatta per messer franchiesco singnior di padova » - il s’agit vraisemblablement de Francesco Carrara...
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    The meaning is that Ciconia composed a poem to honour the Carrara family (specifically Francesco Carrara).
  3. I understand, mehoul. Thank you very much for your reply. :)
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    If you want to keep the phrase general (even though Con lagrime bagnandome may, as it turns out, be the only extant evidence) , 'Ciconia also paid homage in his work to the Carrara family', or simply 'Ciconia also wrote in honour of the Carrara family'.
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    sing the praises of... ?

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