C'était un coup à retrouver la foi de sa jeunesse

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    Hi I wonder what does this sentence (above) mean? I am reading a book and It is written before this sentece that "İl ne croyait pas ses oreilles" İt is obvious that he is surprised but this coup gizmo doesnt make me any sense, can you explain this sentence and its meaning?
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    I think that this is a coup in the positive sense.Like we say in English, " X pulled off a great coup yesterday -- he got a bonus and a big raise from his boss. "

    It was a coup to regain the faith of his youth.

    It was fantastic to rediscover the faith of his youth.
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    I think gardian's spot-on ;)

    But in French, the right spelling (and no other allowed !) is "C'était un coup à..." and "Il n'en croyait..."
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