Cómo cuesta hilvanar el hilo otra vez


¡Cómo cuesta hilvanar el hilo otra vez!

Is this an idiom? I looked up the words individually and the sentence doesn't make any sense doing that. Thanks for your help!
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    What about the context?
    I haven't heard it as an idiom but if it is an idiom it would mean that it is more difficult to start something again (for example to start studying after you have left it for many time)
    I agree with you.

    Cuando alguien hilvana està usando hilvanes o hilos. Hilvanar es preparar algo para posteriormente coserlo. No se hilvana un hilo, sino que se utiliza èste para hilvanar. Lo que se hilvana es un calcetìn, una camisa,un jersey, etc..

    We tack(hilvanar in B.E) before sewing. For tacking we use threads(hilos) or tacks (hilvanes).What we tack(hilvanamos) is a sock, shirt...not the thread(hilo) or tack(hilvàn) itself.

    By the way, I think hilvanar= to tack(B.E),and to baste(U.S.A)

    Best regards! I hope this helps you!


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    It's an idiom.

    When you are talking and have to stop in the middle for any reason, "Hilvanar el hilo" means starting again from the point you stopped.
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