Cómo estás? Disculpa la demora en responderte, espero que

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  1. ra613 Senior Member

    Hello Friends. Its very cold in London today with blue sky.
    Can someone translate the below to English please. Thanks friends.

    Cómo estás? Disculpa la demora en responderte, espero que no estés disgustado. Sabes algo de español o recién estás aprendiéndolo? Bueno, yo estoy aprendiendo inglés, a través de éste medio estoy practicando un montón y lo bueno es que estoy mejorándolo, espero que me respondas para poder ayudarte con tus dudas respecto al español.
  2. Limey. Limeño Senior Member

    Noreste de Inglaterra
    British. English
    How are you? Excuse the delay in answering you, I hope that you are not upset /annoyed. Do you know any Spanish or have you been studying it lately? Well, I am studying English and by means of this medium I am practising it a great deal and the good thing is that I am improving. I am hoping that you will reply to me in order that I can help you with your Spanish doubts.
  3. mexusa

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    Spanish, Mexico
    Hola, sugiero la siguiente traducción (admito, más americanizada):

    How are you? I'm sorry for my delay in replying, I hope you are not upset. Do you know some Spanish or have you recently begun learning it? Well, I am learning English, and because of this I am practicing it a lot. The good thing is I am improving. I hope you reply so I can help with your questions regarding Spanish.

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