Cómo se puede pagar el artículo

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  1. Hi again!

    I would like to better this question:

    ¿cómo puedo pagar este artículo? Con tarjeta de crédito, pay pal?

    Mu option:

    can you tell me how to pay this article? by cedit card, pay pal?

    If you have a better, please let me know.

    Thank in advance.
  2. Maria_cl Senior Member

    suena bien... otra sugerencia, un poco más polite...

    Could you please let me know how to pay this article?
  3. Samdie Senior Member

    New York, USA
    In English "pay this article" is very strange. You could say "pay for this article/item", if you wish to refer to the item that you ordered/purchased. You could also say "pay this invoice/bill", if you wish to refer to the statement of amount owing for whatever.

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