Cómo un hombre llama...

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    - a ver, explicame una cosa, ¿cómo un hombre llama una prostituta solamente para hablar?

    From the way she asked this question, it seems to be another way of expressing outrage/unlikeliness as we do in Enlish with "would" In spanish the verb ir is used after como/por que/para que

    eg, whose shoes are these? how would I know? ¿de quién son estos zapatos? Yo que voy a saber? why would you say that? ¿cómo vas a decir eso?

    but in this example it is different, my question is, is the ir left out when the subject changes? I'm confused

    why would a man call a prostitute just to talk?

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    In Spanish, you could construct the same idea using the verb poder next to cómo:

    ¿Cómo puede un hombre llamar a una prostituta solamente para hablar?

    This has an exact equivalent in English: ¿How can anyone have a prostitute come over just to talk?

    In English you need something else to start the question, but the sense of both how and cómo is the same. In Spanish you can use the main verb to start the question, with the same meaning: ¿Cómo llama un hombre...?
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