1. agreiger New Member

    I´m having trouble with this phrase... Le presentamos las configuraciones o artículos de cómputo

    We show you the computer configurations or articules...?

    Not sure, thanks to whom ever can understand this one.
  2. charisma_classic

    charisma_classic Senior Member

    English, U.S.A.
    artículos de cómputo = computer items

    We present you with the computer configurations or items.
    We present the computer configurations or items to you.
  3. agreiger New Member

    Thanks, I appreciate it.
  4. jainfarstrider New Member

    English-Midwest American
    from El País, 12 enero 2009

    ¨El Tribunal Constitucional ha establecido una doctrina novedosa en el cómputo de cumplimiento de las penas que reducirá las condenas a miles de presos reincidentes.¨

    This appears to be a different use than ¨computer¨ related terms. Please help!
  5. zaeda New Member

    cómputo in this case means the addition, his relation with computer is because makes addition of numbers...

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