C’était ni repris, ni échangé


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What does this mean in English?

C’était ni repris, ni échangé

Can someone please help me translate it!
  • Emmski

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    English and Australia

    I am assuming the context is a shop or purchase of some kind? This being the case, it just literally means 'it was neither returned (or possibly traded in, depending on the context) or exchanged'.

    Hope this helps

    Agnès E.

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    France, French
    During the sales period (where you can buy goods with a big discount) shops usually specify that "les articles en soldes ne sont ni repris ni échangés".

    The French law states that, for articles sold off at sale price, the shop owners are not forced to abide to the usual laws regarding goods that you can return to a shop if you are not satisfied; the sales period is fixed by the French government and the relevant laws are very strict.
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