C’est à cause de tout cela sans doute.


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Salut. Is it natural to say (en français) "C’est à cause de tout cela sans doute." Meaning en anglais that "It is the cause of all this without doubt." I don't need a literal translation, just the most natural/typical way to convey the same meaning. Merci d'avance.
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    "C’est à cause de tout cela sans doute." means 'It is BECAUSE of all THAT' rather than 'THE cause of all THIS', and I would tend to translate 'sans doute' as 'no doubt' rather than literally.

    So: It's no doubt (or doubtless) because of all that. But I'm confused by your question, which asks if "C’est à cause de tout cela sans doute" is natural in French. The answer is YES, but I've ended up correcting the English...:confused:


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    "I'm asking for a translation from the French" OK, given above, I hope
    and wanted to know if this is
    "something that is said in casual conversation". YES, no reason why not: perfectly normal language.
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