c’est la suite que je ne connais pas

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  1. Tou1jours New Member

    can anyone please translate this phrase - Il fait ses premiers pas, Mais c’est la suite, Que je ne connais pas.
    The best I could do was - it is not the first, but the rest, that i do not know.
  2. Donaldos

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    Welcome to the forum!

    Who is it supposed to refer to? We need more context to help you.
  3. Tou1jours New Member

    Well I am not sure. It's from a song that I have been trying to translate because from what I have been able to poorly translate, I can get a glimpse of what the song is saying and I really like it. It's "Ah! Dites Dites" by Marie Laforêt. I feel very foolish, stupid, and silly asking about a pop song, but I really like it and would like to grasp the full meaning of it. I barely know any french, but I understand a few of her other songs, but this one I find tricky to translate. I would greatly appreciate any help and I'm sorry to bother anyone. Here are the rest of the lyrics:


    Mon cœur me quitte
    Il fait ses premiers pas
    Mais c’est la suite
    Que je ne connais pas


    Here is the best I could come up with using the French-English dictionary. I know I'm horribly wrong on most of it. I'm completely lost on the fifth verse.

    my heart quits me
    it is not the first
    but it is the rest
    that I do not know


    Again, I'm sorry to trouble you and thank you for all your help! If you or someone can just help me out with the parts I'm horribly wrong on or give me a general idea on what the song is about, I would be very grateful as I know it's against the rules to translate more than four lines of a song. I'm very, very sorry to make this such a long question.
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  4. Fibo New Member

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    "Mon cœur me quitte"
    I think it means : I can't even control my heart anymore
    "Il fait ses premiers pas"
    Like : It's discovering something new

    I don't know if it exists some english expressions to say that...

    I hope to help you.
  5. Donaldos

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    I don't know the song so I'm not going to try to interpret it, I'll leave that up to you. But here's a very literal translation, maybe you can make sense of it.

    My heart is leaving me
    It's taking its first steps
    But it's what's coming next/it's the next step
    That I do not know
  6. Tou1jours New Member

    Thank you all for helping me. Your comments did help me greatly. Thanks!
  7. viera Senior Member

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    Il fait ses premier pas.
    In this sentence pas means steps.
    un pas = a step

    He is taking his first steps.

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