C Chomage Rac TA


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I am in a whole lot of trouble and hope someone can help.

In the package of documents I have to translate are a couple of pay slips that have a lot of abbreviations for various insurance deductions, etc.

I looked in the WR resources and themed lists but found nothng helpful.

C Chomage Rac TA and C Chomage Rac TB are just two.

Help, please.
  • xtrasystole

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    C Chomage Rac --> Cotisation chômage du régime d'assurance chômage

    TA --> tranche A (partie des rémunérations inférieure au plafond de la Sécurité sociale)

    TB --> tranche B (partie des rémunérations jusqu'à 4 fois le plafond de la Sécurité sociale)

    (Note : pour l'année 2010, le plafond de la Sécurité sociale est égal à 2885 €).


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    No, I don't think so. Some forumers here do that all the time.
    Just wait a little between two threads, though.
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