Całuję raz jeszcze i do napisania

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Ireland irsh
A polish girl who is a friend sent this to me and iam finding it hard to figure out
what it means any help would be appreciated

Mam nadziejê, ¿e wbrew moim nawykom, postarasz siê odpisaæ
ni¿ by³o to w moim zwyczaju. Ca³ujê raz jeszcze i do napisania.
  • mcibor

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    I see, that you can't see the Polish letters.

    Here's how the mail would look like:

    Mam nadzieję, że wbrew moim nawykom, postarasz się odpisać
    niż było to w moim zwyczaju. Całuję raz jeszcze i do napisania.

    The latter two words are a paraphrase of Do widzenia - see you later / see you soon, but instead of seeing each other she meant writing each other.


    PS. The translation is perfect otherwise
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