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    Et, si un serveur dans un resto vous demande, "ça y était ?"(ou, "ça y a été ?"), en enlevant l'assiette d'un plat fini, ça veut dire quoi ?


    Ne demande-t-il pas plutot "ça a été?" En demandant ça il demande si tout était bien, si vous êtes satisfait de votre plat.


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    My textbook describes a French family getting ready to go outside for a walk in the woods. When they're about to leave the house the daughter exclaims, "Oh, ça y est. Il pleut ...!"

    What did she mean?

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    Hi dcx97, the clue is in the context (
    6 Valérie: - Oh, ça y est. Il pleut ...!
    7 Pierre: - Ça ne fait rien. Je vais chercher nos imperméables et nos bottes.
    She thinks the fact that it's raining means they can't go out for a walk after all (maybe she didn't really want to go for a walk anyway), so it's sort of triumphant surprise - Oh look! It's raining! That's it then! That's put the kibosh on that stupid idea! But macho Pierre is made of sterner stuff, and he's determined to drag the poor girl out into the downpour and get her hair wet and ruin her shoes and make-up.
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    So hilarious, Enquiring mind!!!:D And so true!

    It is like it was not so sure about the weather, if it was going to rain or not. Then suddenly it rains: "here it is! It is pouring rain!"


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    I prefer EM's hilarious version. :D Then again, I think it could also be interpreted as a disappointment.

    As in : Oh, ça y est. Il pleut ! = Merde, il pleut ! (il ne manquait plus que ça).
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