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I have no idea what a cabbie pin is. This is the sentence:

"At the end of the movie "Conspiracy Theory", how does Jerry let Alice know he is still alive?
He pins his cabbie pin to her horse's blanket. Early in the movie, Jerry gives Alice his cabbie pin for luck. Later, Alice leaves his cabbie pin on his heastone when she visited his grave. When she is riding her horse at the end of the movie, she discovers the pin attached to the horse's blanket."

Thanks in advance, guys!
  • timpeac

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    A pin is a thin type of badge, and a cabbie drives a cab. So I would presume that this is some badge that cabdrivers have to show who they are.


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    Cabbie- it is a cab driver.Pin connotes me with number so Cabbie Pin can be a visiting card of a cab or as I wrote (vehicle number plate). I would like to underscore that these are simply my conjectures.


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    Pin connotes me with number
    I wonder if you're thinking of the acronym PIN (personal identification number) rather than the word pin (a needle, a badge, a piece of jewelry). It's not PIN in this case.
    US license plates (vehicle number plates) are rather large and heavy. You wouldn't give one to someone as a good luck piece or leave one on a grave.
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