cabe destacar

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¿cómo se diría al inglés la expresión española"cabe destacar"? por ejemplo, en la frase:"A pesar de los inconvenientes, cabe destacar la gran participación de los jóvenes en las actividades propuestas"
  • mateitop

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    UK, English
    It is worth highlighting
    It is worth pointing out
    It is worth noting
    (let me know if you need more!)

    jess oh seven

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    UK/US English
    "remarkable" sugiere algo extraño o improbable, e.j. "it is remarkable that you manged to arrive on time even though you only woke up ten minutes ago".

    tampoco a mí me suena bien "it is noteworthy that"... debería ser "it is worth noting that...". no sé por qué pero así es! :)

    pero sí se puede decir "their amount of participation is noteworthy" o algo así.


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    Yes,remarkable may not make as much emphasis on the "relevance" of what is remarkable/why it is pertinent to the argument.


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    I'm sorry, but I just saw this thread and must disagree with what jess oh seven has written here. "It is noteworthy that" is a perfectly good--and common--expression in English; in fact, it is a rather high-level expression that one would only see in newspapers and academic writing (akin to 'lenguaje culto'). I'm interested that you don't find this expression acceptable, jess--it sounds great to me.

    Mateitop has given several excellent translations of the expression "cabe destacar"; I would also add that a different, and very commonly used, translation of this would be "it is worth mentioning that...". This expression is also fairly "culto", just as those mateitop suggests.

    Saludos, y mucha suerte!


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    I'm in full agreement with immerliebe, "It is noteworthy that" is perfectly acceptable and I use it all the time in my reports.

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