1. Pachito Member

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    This is a grammar question regarding verbs in Spanish that use the form "en sí". For example, I understand that in the third person singular [and plural, I assume] one says "ella no cabe en sí". But how does a person use this construction in the first person singular? Is it "no cabo en sí" or "no cabo en mí?". Is it "nosotros no cabemos en sí" or " nosotros no cabemos en nós"?

    Most dictionaries use examples in the 3rd person singular only. Or is it possible that this construction "en sí" is only used in the 3rd person singular?

    Many thanks to anyone who can answer this question.

  2. pgbc2007

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    Uruguay, Spanish
    No quepo en mí
  3. vignette Senior Member

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    Good question.
    I don't exaclty know the rule, but as a spanish native (from Spain) I would say:
    No quepo en mí de gozo
    No cabes en tí de gozo
    No cabe en sí de gozo (él o ella)
    No cabemos en sí de gozo
    No cabéis en sí de gozo
    No caben en sí de gozo

    Me acabo de dar cuenta de que para las personas del plural se usa "en sí" y para las demás se utiliza la forma correspondiente :)

    Hope this helps!
  4. cvilla Senior Member

    Costa Rica, Spanish
    "En sí" is used only with the third person singular. If you want to use it in third person plural, you should say "en sí mismos."

    Now, as far as I can see (I'm a native spanish speaker, from Central America) we use that only in those two cases. We don't use it with "yo", "usted", and their corresponding plural forms.

    I hope this helps.
  5. Pachito Member

    New York, New York
    Engl., USA
    PGBC2007, Vignette, Cvilla,

    Many thanks for your answers!

    I think I got it now - Pachito
  6. davewall

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    La explicación de Vignette, !perfecta!
  7. fuskas New Member

    Spanish spain
  8. fuskas New Member

    Spanish spain
    Excuse me guys!!! I do not know WHERE have you learn Spanish but your answer is a crap!!!
    No quepo en mi (mismo) de gozo.
    No cabes en ti " " "
    No cabe en si " " "
    No cabemos en nosotros (mismos) de gozo
    No cabeis en vosotros (mismos) de gozo
    No caben en si (mismos) de gozo

    ¡¡¡Del mismo modo no quepo en mi de estupor al ver semejante maltrato al diccionario!!!

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