cabeza de familia

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  1. Lidi Member

    Could somebody help me to translate "cabeza de familia"?

  2. enie Senior Member

    español. España
    Could it be "main holder"?
  3. mirx Banned

    is "head of Family"

    "head of department"

    "head chef"

    "head of state"

    and many, many more.
  4. enie Senior Member

    español. España
    OK. Sorry, so. But, what would "main holder" be, then? I´ve heard of it before.
  5. elZarco New Member

    "Cabeza de familia" means the person who leads the family. It could be by leadership or just being the provider in which the family economic relies on.

    I hope it's clear now.
  6. desdeguate Member

    Guatemala - spanish
    Head of the family is clear and commonly used.
  7. Homero Senior Member

    Mt Juliet, TN
    I looked up "cabeza de familia" with the intention of verifying gender. Unlike "persona"--as I understand the term--it is masculine unless the head of household is female. Is this correct?
  8. SJV Senior Member

    It can also be called "head of household" when you are dealing with the IRS.

  9. Homero Senior Member

    Mt Juliet, TN
    Thank you.

    In 1971 I was hired as a bilingual Tax Law Specialist by the IRS to help develop a Spanish-English glossary of tax terms and to write, translate, and review Spanish-language forms and publications. Working with a bilingual lawyer already hired by the IRS and with the head of a project launched by the OAS, we developed the glossary, which--expanded, of course--is still in use today.

    Naturally, we did not have the internet. We made many decisions that were somewhat controversial: the IRS would be Servicio de Impuestos (not Rentas) Internos, for example. However, since the OAS was engaged at the time in a CIAT project to develop legal language for enforceable tax codes throughout Hispanic America (Brazil was not included; it had independently availed itself of assistance from the US IRS during the mid-to-late 1960s), we agreed that it would serve as the final arbiter. In retrospect, I agreed with the decision.

    Yesterday, I noticed that Wordref did not include the gender of "cabeza de familia." In writing this message, I hope to begin a process that would lead to a formal entry by Wordref of the gender of the term.

    Again, I appreciate your response--especially your reference to the IRS term.
  10. SJV Senior Member


    Ah yes, the ubiquitous IRS! Maybe you should ask the reverse, how do you translate "head of household"? It may be different than "cabeza de familia".
  11. Homero Senior Member

    Mt Juliet, TN
    If only it were that ubiquitous when it comes to international companies based in the US or to multi-millionaires and billionaires who are US "tax residents" . . .

    Oh well, Publication 850 (the glossary) shows "head of household" to be equivalent to "cabeza de familia".
  12. Zenemij New Member

    And, What about "Breadwinner"?

    Depending on the context, this could be a good option as well.
  13. alada Senior Member

    Panama Spanish
    Mi humilde contribución:

    Cabeza de familia es el término más comúnmente utilizado, sin importar si es hombre o mujer el miembro de la familia que tenga este título.

    Ahora, de la manera que yo lo entiendo, "cabeza de familia" no es solo aquella persona que lleva el peso económico del hogar en si, (breadwinner). Este título no solo conlleva la parte económica, pero también se puede ver desde el punto de una familia numerosa donde no todos viven juntos ni cerca y este personaje (cabeza de familia) no es realmente el "breadwinner"... en ese caso los núcleos familiares que salen de el tronco familiar principal tienen sus propios/propias cabezas de familia que a su vez son los "bread winners".

    En este caso, creo que "la cabeza de familia" sería aquella persona con más "seniority" dentro del grupo familiar, aquel que se haya constituido en el pilar de la familia.

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