1. Hi!

    How do you call these "booths" in which you get changed when you go to the swimming pool?

    I had thought of "Locker room", but i actually think a locker room is quite a large room where several people get changed in (like football players for example).

    Whereas i want the name of the "booth" in which only one person can enter and get changed.

  2. Already-Seen Senior Member

    French - France
    changing booths? changing rooms?
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  3. rsweet

    rsweet Senior Member

    English, North America
    Maybe "cabana." It's a small shelter/tent on the beach or by a pool. It can be used for shelter or changing.
  4. Merci!

    rsweet, i suppose i can't use "cabana" if i'm talking about a "indoor" public swimming pool?
  5. rsweet

    rsweet Senior Member

    English, North America
    No, I don't think so. A cabana is a freestanding tent or hut. You could use "changing rooms" though. Are they small little rooms, like the ones used in department stores for trying on clothes? If so, then "changing room" would work.
  6. steppingstone Member

    English UK
    It's a "cubicle".
  7. Kelly B

    Kelly B Senior Member

    USA English
    Perhaps a changing or dressing stall.
  8. Padraig Senior Member

    Hiberno-English, Irish Gaelic
    I have always known them as that.
  9. Thank you all!

    And yes, rsweet, they're very small rooms like the ones in shops! There's usually room for only one person and you can find a stool. You enter it, lock the door and put on your swimsuit :)
  10. Keith Bradford

    Keith Bradford Senior Member

    Brittany, NW France
    English (Midlands UK)

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