cabinet d'expert comptable

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    Hi there,

    Doesn't the word : firm imply an 'large size' company (with many employees)

    Is there a difference between

    a chartered accountant office (small company is my understanding )


    accounting firm (Deloitte or KPMG which are worldwide known) ?

    Am I right ?

    Thanks for your answers.


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    I think your distinction between office and firm is good, but a firm may have many offices: "I'm going to the Deloitt office (the one near you) tomorrow."


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    Firm does not really define the size of a company; it is just a synonym of company.

    Merriam-Webster defines it as "a business unit or enterprise."
    Definition of FIRM

    FR cabinet on the other hand is closer in meaning to office than company.


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    For a Canadian context... both Termium and Le GDT translate « cabinet (d'expert) comptable » as either accounting firm or (public) accounting practice.
    With this definition in French :
    Établissement d'un ou de plusieurs professionnels comptables, y compris le personnel et les installations, dont l'objet premier est d'organiser, de vérifier, d'apprécier et de redresser, s'il y a lieu, la comptabilité d'entreprises et d'autres entités
    If I meant chartered accountant office I personally would say : bureau de comptables agréés.