cable tie / hose tie / zap-strap / zip tie / tie-wrap

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  • theartichoke

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    They're "zip ties" in Canada. I've never even heard of the other terms. Then again, I'm only familiar with the casual use of the things--it's possible that people who use them for their intended technical use call them "cable ties."


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    I use both cable tie and zip tie, but "cable tie" can also apply to other things (velcro straps, etc) while a zip tie is specifically that thing (that makes the zip noise). In other words, if I'm using it for cables, it's a cable tie, but if I'm using it for something else (handcuffing a prisoner, perhaps), it's a zip tie.


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    "Cable tie". That said I work in pro-audio so that's to be expected. After that "zip tie" I think.

    And I agree with the previous poster by the way.


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    "Cable Tie" and "Tie Wrap" are more of the classic names for them but "Zip Tie" is more of the colloquial word. They are pretty interesting products, originally invented for air planes but have since had many different uses, as I'm sure you're aware! has a funny/brief history of the cable tie if you're interested here's the link About Us

    Hope that helps!
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