cabo segundo, cabo de Marina, infante de Marina


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I am translating a book of torture testimony from Ecuador. I am hopelessly lost with regard to the military terminology. I've looked these terms up in several reference books, but the definitions do not agree with each other. I would be so grateful for any help.

Original (see the attached image for the whole paragraph):

"El día viernes 26 de junio… fuimos detenidos por el cabo Segundo Washington Nazareno, jefe del puesto de Policía de Borbón y más policías, un cabo de Marina y un infante de Marina de apellido Burgos, en nuestros domicilios…”

“On Friday, June 26th… we were detained by Corporal Washington, station chief of the Borbon Police and other police officers, a ______ and a ______ named Burgos, in our homes…”


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