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I am translating an extract for "La mano de los Paíños" a novel written by Manuel Rivas which speaks about a Spanish emigrant (Castro) in England. In the extract I am translating the emigrant is in an English pub. The author has written many metaphors, among them one about a dart. The immigrant talks badly about the landlady of the bar and another immigrant catches that "dart" or phrase and continues on the conversation Castro started to talk badly about England. Up to here fine, but then: Y estoy viendo como Castro, en silencio, encara la diana del Old Crow con los dardos de verdad, y los clava en el milimétrico centro, con una precisión inquietante, abriéndose las guías como una flor de cactus. Me maravilla su mano. Una mano que navega en el aire, cabrilleando a contraluz...

I also had problems with "abriéndose las guías como una flor de cactus" but that is in another thread. Now my last question is: cabrilleando a contraluz. Could it be "aiming against the light"? As I think cabrilleando is making small movements.

Thank you!
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    Ah, in this context it is that meaning. I will put "shimmering against the light".

    Thank you.
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