1. chandoyyo New Member

    HI! My boyfriend is from El Salvador. My Spanish is not great and neither is his English. He was joking one night and called me his Americana cavrona or carona. I'm not sure if I spelled it right. Could somebody tell me what this means? Thanks. :)
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  2. mandarina_82

    mandarina_82 Banned

    I guess he is your boyfriend.
    Well, "cabrona" is not a nice word (unless you two are jokking).
    It is very rude word, it is strong, a very strong insult.
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  3. chandoyyo New Member

    Well. he was joking that night. We had been drinking most of the night. At first he called me "mi amor", at the end of the night he said it in a joking way. Somebody else told me it meant "American bitch", I don't think she translated it right either. :)
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  4. typistemilio

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    Mérida, Yucatán, México
    México, D.F. Español-Spanish/Some of english/maaya t'aan
    As mandarina said, it is a very rude word. The rigth way to write it is "cabrona", and there is one definition of this word, in Spanish.

    Fuente: Diccionario breve de mexicanismos, Guido Gómez de Silva.

    Maybe somebody else can translate the definition. I'm sorry, I can't in this moment.


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  5. chandoyyo New Member

    Thanks! I don't think he was being insulting or rude. At the moment it was a joke. But thanks for the information!
  6. patrikia Senior Member

    Mexico español
    Hello, chandoyyo,

    Cabrón has been discussed before ..., you may want to look up:
    For more on the non-negative uses
    http://forum.wordreference.com/showthread.php?t=2304&highlight=cabron page 6

    mandarina and typistemilio are absolutely right, it's not a word you'd use in polite company. At the same time (see the threads for more on that), it does not necessarily have a negative meaning--it can express great admiration--although it's culturally hard to translate. Also, among friends it's often used jokingly.
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  7. Calario Senior Member

    Spain Spanish
    En España, a veces se usa para expresar admiración: "¡La muy cabrona/El muy cabrón sabe cuatro idiomas y tiene tres títulos universitarios!"
  8. Javier-Vega Senior Member

    Mexico espanol
    In Mexico, many friends call each other "cabron", "guey", and other insults as a sort of joke. It is probably the same in El Salvador.
  9. ineedspanish New Member

    USA English
    After reading the definition in Spanish, and recalling some times when I have been called that by my boyfriend too, I can compare it not with "bitch", but with a more lighthearted word or phrase as in "devilish" which if your boyfriend called you that with a smile on his face it would make you smile too, but literally translated into Spanish would sound like he was calling you downright satanic. I think that "cabrona" is far closer to this than to "bitch" which is very seldomly used as a compliment, even in flirting, however, used rarely between female to female friends is more commonplace and considered less vulgar. Remember, translation aside, "bad" is "good" in slang.
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  10. merianderson New Member

    barcelona, spain, spanish
    Cabrona no es un insulto tan fuerte, como alguien contestó.
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  11. TravelinTom

    TravelinTom Senior Member

    Phoenix, Arizona, USA
    English - Texan
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  12. Antonella V

    Antonella V Senior Member


    De acuerdo. ‘Cabrona’ puede significar en El Salvador incluso ‘amiga inseparable’ (dicho de forma vulgar, pero afectuosa) o ‘persona extraordinaria, excelente’.


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