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translation lover

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Hi, I am working on a file for Koton, a clothing brand, I couldn't understand what "Cachet" means in this context with fabrics. Do they mean probably latticework?

Must-have pieces with a modernist touch are dresses, pea jackets and fitted trousers, available in icing sugar shades of rose, baby blue, crème, lavender and lemon yellow. Three dimensional and lighter textures such as bright satin, smooth woollens, cachet, quilted and mohair are used to enhance the softer tones.

Thank you
  • morior_invictus

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    Hi translation lover,

    to me, "cachet" means "(mark of) prestige / high quality." That's not the meaning in your sentence, though.
    Wool Fabrics:
    Thanks to this advantage, the surface of fabric can be covered with a special layer and fabrics such as flannel or cachet are produced.
    Source :

    Never heard of the meaning quoted above.


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    It looks as though the writer meant crochet (rather similar to knitting but done with a hook rather than two needles). It may have been altered by a spell-checker which changed the word for one which it knew about.
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