Cada maestrillo tiene su librillo.

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  1. STINGGUY Senior Member

    Hi folks!

    I'm afraid many of you are fed up with my drawing on sayings, proverbs and so on. However, in this occasion, I need the phrase to speak my mind
    using a special shade of meaning. The Spanish saying can be heard as: "Cada maestrico tiene su librico". It's just a matter of Spanish provincialism.
  2. levmac

    levmac Senior Member

    Una posibilibdad se me ocurre:

    There's more than one way to skin a cat - para decir que hay muchas maneras de hacer algo.
  3. Agró

    Agró Senior Member

    Alta Navarra
  4. SolAguila

    SolAguila Senior Member

    I am not sure about this... All roads lead to Rome.

    Y en español también se dice cada maestro tiene su librito, ¿no?

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