Cada maluca que me aparece

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Hi. In this scene, a spoiled rich girl barges into a hair saloon with her friends. She's set her sights on the hair-dresser. She orders all the clients out.

Ei, ei, ei, queridas, já podem sair que a partir de agora o salão é exclusivo pra mim e pras minhas best.

Até parece. Cada maluca que me aparece, meu Deus do céu.

Listening to him, I'm not too sure there's a period there. The two sentences do rhyme. Does he mean: "Go figure. Every crazy girl comes here"? Is it referring to popular commercials, slogans at all? Thank you so much for your help.
  • mglenadel

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    The whole phrase (it's a common form, but not a slogan) is "É cada xxxxx que me aparece" and it means that the speaker is amazed and dismayed by the many xxxxx that come into his life, especially that last one. "Xxxxx" can be many negative things (maluco, louco, fofoqueiro, ciumento, pão-duro etc., as well as their female counterparts).
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