Cada unidad de intestino delgado... (product description)

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cristina friz

Senior Member
español, valdivia, Chile
Hi all,

Please help me to translate the following:

Cada unidad de intestino delgado presenta 10 cm. de largo y abierto en sentido longitudinal con su cubierta de grasa natural.

This is my translation, but I am not sure, please give me your opinion(s)

Each unit of small intestine is or has ??? 10 cm long and it is opened in longitudinall way with its natural fat cover.

Please reply soooooon
  • piripi

    Senior Member
    English, USA
    ¡Hola cristina! :) I'm not sure about the placement of the phrase 'with its natural fat cover.' Here are a couple of options:

    Each section of small intestine is 10 cm long and is opened lengthwise with its natural fat cover.
    Each section of small intestine, with its natural fat cover, is 10 cm long and is opened lengthwise.

    ¿Qué les parece?
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