cadena nacional

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    I can´t remember how we say "cadena nacional" in English. This is when the government (usually the president) gives a speech and it is on all of the free-TV channels...the only way you can turn him off is if you have cable TV. He can also do this on the radio, "cadena radial."
  2. Soy Yo Senior Member

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    Puedes apagar el televisor y no hay problema.

    He's on all the national networks.
    He's on national TV.
    He's on all the networks.

    The major national networks are NBC, ABC and CBS plus PBS (and FOX).

    We don't usually say "national channel" because no "channel" is broadcast nationwide. The channels or stations broadcast local programs (and programs from the national networks) to their broadcast areas.
  3. pejeman

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    In certain cases,in México the federal government actually takes over all radio and tv signals. Networwks and independent stations, across the board. That is called a "cadena nacional" It happens -only for radio- every Sunday at 10 PM CT to broadcast "La Hora Nacional". Also when a president wants to give an important (¿?) announce, "coast to coast and border to border".

    I guess that on December 8, 1941, Franklin D. Roosevelt was listened in the U.S.A. through a "cadena nacional".
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    i am translating news bits...this would, then, be a "nationwide government broadcast" ??? I thought maybe there was some obvious term that I hadn´t rememberered.

    And yes, you`re right, you can just turn the TV off :)
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    Somehow I went from "cadena" to "canal".... "Cadena" might be the network... but we usually say: "The president will be on national TV." Also that "usually" means all networks (since it's the president), but not necessarily, I suppose. "Nationwide broadcast" sounds really good! :) Sorry I'm no help.

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