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    Hello, is there any difference in the usage/style of cadou and dar? Thanks.
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    This topic is rather vast therefore I'll give you just the basics. You should look up these words using the references listed in the sticky(

    Dar (noun) and cadou (from the French cadeau) are synonyms when describing a present (gift); dar is older and less used with this meaning. As a side note, dar is also a conjunction and an adverb...)

    Having said that, dar (noun) should be translated as gift given their dual meaning: a present given to somebody but also a gift bestowed upon someone, a talent or certain quality, used for people, objects or actions.

    He has the gift of making people laugh ->El are darul de a face oamenii să râdă (here dar could also be replaced with har (archaic))
    Coversația asta are darul să mă enerveze -> This conversation has the special trait of annoing me (I'm butchering a bit, on purpose, the English translation)



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