Caducar / fecha de caducidad


¿cómo puedo completar esta frase ?:the date of this bottle of milk is december 10th : it must have .................. by now
gone over
gone off
gone on
got by
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    It would also be possible to say 'It must have gone off by now', meaning that it has passed its sell-by date and is likely to have curdled/gone bad.


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    It would also be possible to say 'It must have gone off by now:tick:
    Not just possible, but necessary. The term 'must have' implies speculation. They know what the date is (so no speculation about that) so all that can go into the blank is some statement about the consequence of it being past its best-by-date.


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    La fecha de caducidad de un producto alimenticio se llama, en inglés, the expiration date. Habría que decir must have expired by now.
    That doesn't work this side of the pond. Expiry applies primarily to documents rather than food. A passport or a bank card have expiry dates. Packaged foods have sell by and use by dates.


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    "Gone off" does not make sense in English. In this context you could say that "it must have gone bad by now."

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